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How to care for your Titanium and Gold Jewelry

How to care for your Titanium and Gold Jewelry

Titanium and Gold are two commonly used body jewelry materials. Both metals are great choices for body jewelry due to their durability, quality and longevity. These are high quality materials, this means, if you are going to spend the money, you should know how to properly clean and store your jewelry. Here are some tips, cleaning methods and ways to make them last.

Pure titanium jewelry is a great material suitable for everyone. It is hypoallergenic, has a long lifespan, and is simple to clean. This material is free of alloys which make it a great option for people with skin sensitivity. Because titanium can be worn all of the time, you will want to make sure it’s clean and bacteria free. Titanium is very durable but some slight tarnishing is completely normal. Over time, build up such as makeup, sunscreen, sweat and even swimming in pools can deplete the shine from your jewelry. With proper care and love your titanium will last you for years to come.

Gold is the crème de la crème of body jewelry, for good reason! You can wear it 24/7, it will last a lifetime and it looks amazing. At Metal Illness we offer 14kt gold and 24kt gold PVD titanium . 14kt jewelry is solid nickel-free gold, making it a luxurious and durable option. Because it is nickel free there is no need to worry about having an allergic reaction to your jewelry. If you are looking for a more affordable gold option, 24kt gold PVD titanium is a great alternative. The gold is bonded with the titanium using physical vapor deposition making the jewelry extremely resilient to wear and tear. 24kt gold is the purest form of gold and has no traces of other alloy metals, don’t let the titanium throw you off, you are getting the best of the best! Gold, like titanium, is simple to maintain and can be cleaned the same way as your titanium jewelry.

Steps to squeaky clean titanium and gold:

1. First, fill a small bowl with warm water and a mild soap. There is no need for harsh soaps or cleaners; these can damage your jewelry over time. Keep it simple and gentle.

2. Wash your hands! Make a habit of not touching your piercings with grubby fingers.

3. Carefully remove your jewelry and place in the bowl filled with soap and water. Be sure that if you are cleaning a barbell that you place it in the bowl disassembled to ensure you are getting all parts of your jewelry clean!

4. Allow your jewelry to soak for 2-5 minutes depending on the level of build up you are dealing with.

5. Take a soft cloth or soft bristled toothbrush, dip in soapy water and scrub your jewelry. Be mindful to not clean your jewelry in the sink, for one it’s not a clean environment, and two it can get lost down the drain.

6. Dry your jewelry off using a fresh cloth, be sure to avoid polishing cloths that may contain chemicals or polishing agents. These can potentially corrode your jewelry.

7. Put your jewelry back in and you’re done!

To properly store your titanium and gold jewelry, place them in small cloth bags or inside a jewelry container. This will ensure that you do not lose your jewelry sets or vital pieces such as your barbell balls. Keep in mind that gold is a soft metal meaning that it can easily scratch or dent if not taken care of. It is best to store your jewelry separately, don’t be lazy and throw it in a box or space all together.

Whether you are choosing to turn out in gold or titanium (maybe a little bit of both) remember to clean your jewelry at least every two weeks. You want it to look its best right? Ideally you want to aim to clean your piercing and jewelry once a week, we understand life happens. This will keep your piercing from smelling due to build up, and keep your jewelry looking fresh AF. Take care of your jewelry, and it will take care of you for years to come!

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Disclaimer: All content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult with your individual piercer or a doctor for your specific questions or needs.

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